Facing your shadow


Our triggers are an indicator of potential insight and healing that is ready to unfold.

“Experiencing the disappointment of not getting what we want, of not having our expectations met, often triggers out most painful and unhealed emotions.” ~Ezra Bayda~

Notice, observe and come face to face with your own fears when they arise. When we find ourselves taking a lot about situations that are upsetting, sharing opinions repeatedly or reliving a past experience, it’s important to go deeper into the story.

Old conditioning tends to repeat itself. If we are awake enough to witness this as it occurs, we can create an opportunity to learn from it. We may leave our fears behind and move into compassion. We may choose to see the situation or the person as a potential healing angel and this higher insight changes the way we respond to life.

Everything you experience is an outward expression of your awakening. Intense emotions such as anger and fear hold the key to healthier self-expression. Regret points the way to self-forgiveness. Disappointment shows us how we have attached to a particular outcome.

As you heal old wounds, you’ll experience less triggers in your life situation. The result is a peaceful, empowered response to life. Your healthy neutrality becomes an indicator of a balanced mind and spirit.

Today my intention is to embrace my challenges as teachers. I am safe.

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