Trusting your inner voice

Wisdom is within you. When we seek enlightenment, the ideas and concepts that spark our awakening are reflections of what is within. When you respond to particular teachers, know that they are merely a reflection of you. Many people have surges of passion for life and then associate that energy with the teacher rather than with themselves – it’s important not to get lost in the reflections.

When learning to trust your inner voice, know this: It is typically soft-spoken. The answer will come, sometimes in a quiet knowing or a movement of energy. Anything that is loud, repetitive or creates doubt is the voice of ego. But, like anything else, intuition is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. As you cultivate your own awareness, you will come to learn the difference between the ego and your intuition and your life will become more empowered.

Meditation will help you to recognize this inner wisdom. The present moment will guide you in unexpected ways.

Today my intention is to remember that I am loved and guided each step of the way.

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