Slowing down

Many people hurry from one thing to next forgetting to savor the mystery of the present moment. It’s time to slow down. Whatever you choose to do, do it mindfully. Enjoy your food, pause to appreciate the beauty around you, speak consciously and simply do one thing at a time. Silence and mindfulness will begin to flow into all of your thoughts and actions and you will discover that more gets done.

Sometimes speed and efficiency leave more time for worry. Physical action is a healthy way of processing energy. Be one with the earth, work with your hands and enjoy the delightful aspects of being human. Look inward and in the silence, allow the Divine to express itself through you.

We are interdependent upon one another. From the smallest blade of grass to the live-giving power of the sun, all life needs you just as much as you need it. Without you, something beautiful and unique would be missing. All existence is One and you are the breath of love.

Today my intention is to accept myself and create peace in my heart.

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