Thoughts create

No matter what you seek to accomplish, it must first be visualized in the mind. Even the most mundane things must begin first as a thought of desire. Your thoughts create your reality. We set energy in motion, nurture it, and then begin manifestation with a physical action or choice.

If you choice is joy or adventure (rather than fear or suffering), ensure that your thoughts begin there. Immerse yourself in high vibrational energies, observe your words and seek to create the most pleasurable experience that you can. When challenges arise, seek the lesson or the gift contained within.

Don’t be afraid to trust your own vision, no matter how different it appears to be from your current reality. The key is to create clarity and ensure that all subsequent thoughts and actions support your vision.

Many years ago when I began on my spiritual path, I imagined myself as a red-headed spiritual teacher, helping others and walking a magical path. This image was far different from the reality I was living at the time. I went through my life and released anything that didn’t align with my new vision. I made changes on the physical plane (hair color, style of dressing, job, home, etc), mentally I began to look for people who inspired me (choosing only to be with high vibration people for a time – that meant a lot of time alone) and spiritually (surrounding myself with inspirational books and music).

Initially, I felt like an imposter. The last thing to change was my sense of worthiness and self-confidence. But, I held my vision in the forefront of my consciousness. Experiences began to support my new vibration, life became more magical and people began to seek me out for a new perception. Joyfully, I am still a work in progress.

Seek your own truth. Transformation is a powerful process that you set in motion in each and every moment with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Use whatever tools you have from wherever you are and be willing to accept a miracle. The life I have today is far greater than I originally imagined it could be – but that was only because I had yet to experience the ease and grace that come from living an authentic life.

Today my intention is to see the change I wish to be in the world… and then become it.

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