Spiritual maturity and mastery

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. The power in that statement lies within the inherent possibility of creating joy Now, in this moment, without the need to rely upon outer circumstances or the actions of another. As we develop our spiritual maturity, we discover that wholeness comes from within. From this state of empowerment we have a greater opportunity to share with one another and contribute something unique to the experiences we encounter on our journey.

The synergy created by conscious, loving spirits is infinite. Together we achieve far more than we can alone and cultivating the arts of giving and receiving unlocks the flow of the Divine within our life situation.

Take the time to slow down and notice the beauty that is all around you. Our amazing planet has much to offer (and much to teach) and we need to become aware of the miraculous in order to participate in its power. Then existence becomes a joy as we conscious dream new aspects of the world into being.

Perhaps you find yourself more open to the many opportunities to celebrate in life. You may share your gifts and laughter more often than in times past, or reach out in kindness without fear of rejection. These are signs of mastery and indicators of spiritual awakening. Allow love and joy to guide your choices and interactions and watch the boundaries disappear.

Today my intention is to recognize the sacred in all things.

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