The dance of awareness

What aspects of your personality are ready to shine? Your soul is in a constant state of expansion and as you choose to nourish yourself, you will discover the joy of claiming them and living from a space of higher consciousness and love.

Give yourself the opportunity to grow. Reach for new experiences, choose fearlessness and allow the integration os these aspects into the expression of your life. Our spiritual evolution is advancing so quickly now, people often live out several different types of reality in each lifetime. This dance of awareness can be so exciting! Simple lessons are transformed into stepping-stones of awakening.

When you live in your integrity, you attract divine grace into your life situation. The impossible becomes possible, change encounters shift your path, new doors open and you find the opportunity to rise above the mundane and into the miraculous. Release all feelings of unworthiness that block your vision. Seek love first within yourself and share it every moment that you can.

Spend time today in your sacred space. Regroup, listen, open your heart and choose to create joy in the present moment. Everything expands from there.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.

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