“I hold no cherished outcome”

Thought divides us, experience connects us. It is through experience that we learn compassion for one another. When we engage in relationship without demands or expectation, we enter into a graceful courtship with the Divine. This receptivity is pure and leads us into a time of unbounded gratitude for whatever life brings.

The next time you find yourself in conversation with another, observe the thoughts that run through the mind while you are “listening”. You may be surprised at the busyness of the ego. Authentic listening demands that we forget ourselves completely (not an easy task) and become the Divine feminine – open and receptive, a conduit for energy, light and love. We cannot achieve communion by being aggressive. Open the door and wait.

Each time another piece of the puzzle falls into place we develop a greater perception of the whole. Life is full of ending and new beginnings and we have the opportunity to celebrate both. See the picture of your expanding consciousness, the nature of Wholeness and love in the mirror of the world around you.

Today my intention is to live in the light, love and laughter of  authentic communion.

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