The source of light and love

The source of light and love resides within you. This infinite energy radiates outward, ultimately touching everyone and everything. We live in connection with one another. It’s time to go beyond the limitations of the mind by going inward. In meditation, you experience the eternal aspect of who you are. When you learn how to reside in the stillness of Now, the energy transforms every aspect of your life. Greater creativity arises, more compassion and a quietness of spirit, for you are the light of love.

Many people struggle with the concept of worthiness and are unwilling or unable to receive love, abundance or joy into their experience. The very idea of approaching the present moment with a sense of ease and grace eludes them and instead, they attach to outcomes and become trapped within the highs and lows of events. Have compassion for these beautiful beings knowing that the best way to teach is to become more aware of the light within yourself. Be the change you wish to see and allow yourself to be a reflection of the peace, potential and Presence of those around you.

Today my intention is to create a space in which transformation can occur.


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