Visualize compassion

Repeated visualization changes your body on a cellular level, your mind on an intellectual level, your heart on an emotional level and your consciousness on every plane of existence. Therefore; visualize compassion, love, bliss, freedom and joy. See yourself choosing joy in every situation. These limitless ideas will inspire you to play in new realms of experience of the awakened heart and mind.

The world is filled with possibility and each of us has the opportunity to cultivate our unique way of walking the journey. Learning to slow down, breathe consciously, see yourself creating the life of your dreams and then let go and allow it to unfold in miraculous ways. Sometimes it can help to visualize a sacred image or figure who is traditionally known to carry the qualities you wish to expand within yourself. For instance, if you feel a kinship with Quan Yin, see her in your mind, appreciate the aspects you find inspiring with the knowledge that they are reflections of something which is already within you. Eventually, you will expand the idea to witness Quan Yin in all those with whom you interact.

Let your visualizations inspire you to transform your life in wonderful ways. The wisdom, compassion and kindness that you seek are within, waiting to be explored.

Today my intention is to embody compassion. I am willing to experience life with an open heart.

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