Staying present

The way to feel fulfilled and balanced is to give your full attention to the present moment. No matter what you choose to do, do it completely; otherwise, your mind will carry that moment with you, gnaw at it and dissatisfaction will present itself in your experience. For instance, if you choose to take a bath, give it your full attention. Enjoy the scents and the feel of the water on your skin. Stay in gratitude for those who have made such a moment of peace possible. Immerse yourself completely in the experience. When finished, you will drop the idea of bathing and simply move on to the next action. If while you bathe you worry about the kids, how to solve a particular challenge or rush through it to get to the next thing, you deny yourself the gift of being fully present, and perhaps later find yourself wishing you had taken a moment to relax – the mind is carrying the past.

When we slow down – eating, walking, interacting and moving through the world with consciousness – the energy remains balanced. It’s easier to stay aligned with the present moment because the mind will not be carrying the unfinished business of the day. The internal monologues of the mind are a by-product of incomplete living and we can create peace in our experience by living each moment fully.

Today my intention is to create a loving space of peace and balance. I will practice giving every task my full and complete attention.

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