The roles we play

Every moment offers an opportunity to expand, heal, discover and step into love.

That’s Right! As I become more aware, I can consciously transform every situation into an opportunity to learn and grow

Every relationship, no matter how fleeting, plays a significant role in your awakening. Those who are still unconscious tend to see life as something that happens to them. They judge events as good or bad and respond with high emotions and intensity. The conscious spiritual seeker learns how to pay attention and has a greater ability to recognize lessons when they arise.

Yesterday I witnessed an interaction between two families. It began with confusion regarding right of way in a parking lot. As the two mothers stared at each other angrily, one commented to me, “I guess I’m not important enough for her to look where she’s going!” as the other honked her car-horn in derision. …and off they went. I found it interesting how easily we project our story into every moment. The lady who spoke likely carries a limiting belief about her own value. She took a fact – someone either didn’t see her or perhaps made a driving error – and added a layer of negative energy to the situation. There was an opportunity to look within, but in the moment she chose anger and blame.

It’s much easier to recognize this in others than it is to see it in ourselves. All I could see was two beautiful, loving souls in a dance of awakening, knowing that even that brief moment of interaction was meant to be. And since I was the observer, I realized that they too played a part in my own awakening, and I think of them both with gratitude.

Today my intention is to accept myself and cultivate peace in my heart. I create a space in which a transformation can occur.

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