Facing the shadow

We have been conditioned to fear the shadow side of life and of ourselves. It’s important to turn and face it; thus transforming it into a powerful aspect of spiritual awakening.

That’s Right! The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open to me

As multifaceted beings, we hold every possibility within us. What we deny within ourselves quietly runs various aspects of our lives, often sabotaging efforts regarding work, abundance, relationships and self-love.

What you react strongly to in another is a reflection of something you do not wish to see or own in yourself. Pay attention – this is the beauty of understanding how we help one another on the journey. It is within these unexamined, darker aspects that our true power lies. “It is here, in this least likely place, that we will find the key to unlock our strength, our happiness, and our ability to live out our dreams.” ~ Debbie Ford

The way to transform shadow is to shine the light of awareness upon it. From a space of love, choose to stop projecting it onto others (notice words of blame), release attachment and self-judgement and be gentle with yourself. Healing comes through wholeness and acceptance. We don’t conquer the shadow, we transcend it by approaching life from a higher level of consciousness.

Today my intention is to choose to be balanced, healthy and free. All is perfect, whole and complete.

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