The mark of wisdom

Let your life be your message.

That’s Right! I eliminate the need for competition in my life by living in quiet strength

When you live gently, the world sees a calm, confident soul filled with integrity and humility. This empowered energy cannot be affected by outside factors and reflects a peaceful, loving connection with the Divine.

Release your egoic need to be more of anything in the eyes of others. This causes anxiety and precious energy is wasted striving to present yourself in a particular manner rather than allowing your unique light to shine.

Allow, allow, allow. Spend the day listening. As the observer, be interested in others while supporting their growth.  As you change the way you view your own power and success, you’ll begin to replace strong desire with contentment. Consciously give yourself permission to be here Now.

Today my intention is to be a shining example of love and light. The gateways to wisdom and enlightenment are always open to me.

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