The path

path of light

You were born to thrive, to learn and to awaken.

“What is the path? Residing in this very life exactly as it is right now… liking or not liking has nothing to do with it.”
~Ezra Bayda

Your spiritual work begins here and now. Sit, observe your breath for a moment and listen. Feel the textures and nuances of the present moment and see your life, and all the rough edges of it, as perfect.

Choose to bring periodic moments of stillness into your experience today. What do you notice? With each new circumstance or interaction, seek to discover something new. Even the familiar or the mundane can be transformed through this practice.

Letting life be is an act of self love. You deserve your compassion and your kindness. Begin with what you have from where you are.
Today my intention is to open up and connect.
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