Take one conscious step forward

You can create the life of your dreams

“It is always worth considering, ‘Am I blissful the way I am living?’ If one is not then one must take risks. New paths, new life styles, a new search will have to be undertaken.”

Each day take one conscious step forward toward your goals, fresh ideas or spiritual enlightenment. This allows new aspects of yourself to awaken. Change provides the opportunity to cultivate facets of your personality that have remained dormant in your current way of living.

Change doesn’t guarantee happiness or success, but it does open the doors of infinite possibility. A joyful journey does not depend so much upon the path we travel as it depends upon the traveler.

If your growth feels stagnant, your current way of living may have served it’s purpose in your development. Take the lessons you have learned and move on to something new. Ultimately, you are the culmination of all that you have experienced. Mastery comes through the integration of knowledge from these different experiences into a new way of being.
Today my intention is to see potential and change it into actuality.
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