Be an ambassador of peace

Choose to bring something peaceful to life’s conversation.

“One has to become feminine. One has to become receptive rather than being aggressive. One has to learn the art of relaxation rather than learning the strategies of how to conquer the world.”

Our state of consciousness affects everything and everyone around us. When you embrace the beauty of life with gratitude and appreciation, it naturally opens your ability to receive. Empowerment is simply the realization that you determine how you experience the present moment.

The enlightened soul operates from a place of quiet awareness. When in the midst of challenging circumstances, seek to go within to create change. The shift happens first on the inner, then we see it reflected in our life experience.

Thus, everything becomes a movement of energy in the game of awakening. We begin to see others as soul mates and participants who assist with our spiritual growth and development.
Today my intention is to live with an open heart.
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