The gift of love

Acceptance is the driving force behind healthy, loving interactions.

That’s right! Every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on earth

Opening to another calls upon us to be vulnerable, authentic, peaceful, accepting, empathetic and willing to explore our own emotional wounds and limiting beliefs.

The root cause of problems in all relationships is the fact that we desire someone to be a certain way. Whether engaging with lovers, friends, family members or those with whom we work, it’s important to remember that while we might prefer them to be a particular way, it is our misguided requirement that they be this way that actually stops real love from flowing. Give up your requirements and live in acceptance – this is how two souls connect without any barriers in between.

Love is the true nature of your being. Relationships often bring out the most unhealed and painful aspects of our life and that is why they motivate us to awaken. Each soul in your life is playing a unique role in your soul’s development. Bless them by working on yourself.

Today, my intention is to remember that everything is an opportunity to awaken.

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