Gratitude transforms the present moment into a communion with the Divine.

That’s right! I open my heart and sing the joys of love

The willingness to be grateful is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. When one is open to the premise that there is a purpose to life’s challenges, that wisdom is a gift and all situations add to the growth of all involved, it implies that resistance has been overcome.

This allows us to fully participate in life. Fear dissipates and the spiritual seeker becomes a conduit for love and kindness. Gratitude allows us to learn from our experiences in a way that contributes to the awakening consciousness of the planet.

Without resistance, less effort is required to function in the world. Enjoyment, motivation and supportive energy creates a win-win flow of experience for all involved.

Be willing to say “thank you” for whatever unfolds today. Observe when this is easy and when it takes effort and notice what flows through your experiences as a result. Simply put, your gratitude creates an positive attitude toward the process of learning itself and allows you to live in harmony with life.

Today, my intention is to forgive and release. Inner peace is my goal.

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