Becoming conscious

Consciousness is releasing how you thought life should be and embracing the life that is.

That’s right! I am willing to take responsibility for my own joy

On occasion, I hear people lament that life was easier before they embarked upon the path of awakening. It seems that once things are seen from a different viewpoint, that one cannot simply go back to sleep. The ego tries to plant a seed of dissatisfaction with the process and promotes the belief that raising one’s consciousness is hard work.

In truth, the higher your consciousness, the simpler things become. When you begin from a space of willingness, allowing the Divine to direct the flow of life rather than fighting against what is, you open yourself to the miraculous. Taking responsibility for one’s own state of consciousness is empowerment – the only thing over which we have any control is how we choose to experience the Now.

Consciousness (mindfulness) is something that must constantly be put into practice. It goes beyond workshops and reading books and becomes stronger only through practical application. It’s time for you to experience life’s magic by changing the rules you’ve always lived by and discovering the highest potential of yourself.

Today, my intention is to bring the best version of myself to this moment.

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