Steppingstones or obstacles… you choose

The beauty of free will…
That’s Right! I create miracles in my ever-changing world. I am open to the wonders of the Universe
Living a mystical life means seeking a conscious inner experience in every situation for the sole purpose of discovering truth. Beyond words and thoughts lies the infinite energy of the Divine, guiding and directing our quest for awakening, leading us to whatever situation is needed for our soul’s growth.Inner wounds cannot be healed until an experience brings them to the surface. Once they are causing an upset, we have the opportunity to become more aware of the message and purposely chose to transform them into steppingstones of awakening.

This is the beauty of free will – you can choose to remain trapped in the limiting patterns of the past or set yourself free with intention. There is a spiritual lesson in every moment you experience – if you choose to seek it, you will surely find it.

Today my intention is to love what is. All is well. 
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