Judgment and love cannot coexist in the same space

The greatest gift that you can offer is an authentic interaction without judgment. Everyone wants to have the same experience on their life’s journey – acceptance.

That’s Right! Knowing that we are all doing the very best we can do based upon our soul age, history, imprinting and level of consciousness, I choose to accept everyone just as they are.
What if you had someone in your life that consistently supported you each and every step of the way? There would be no need for the ego to engage, to become defensive or insecure or to worry about someone else’s mood. If you are fortunate to have cultivated such a relationship, you know how valuable and rare it is.

You can choose to be that person for someone (or everyone!) in your life. What you give is returned to you, often in wonderful and unexpected ways. Practice with the little things – day to day matters are there to aid us in cultivating our desirable qualities. Explore different points of view, celebrate your connection and honor each path as perfect. This will open new dimensions of wisdom within you.

Today my intention is to honor this space, this moment and this soul as sacred. Let me be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance.
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