Be love

Be love.
That’s Right! I become more lovable every day. Others see me as a loving and forgiving person
This is your moment… your moment to shine and consciously send love to those with whom you interact. If you find yourself replaying a past hurt, stop for a moment and send light to that person. Whether rushing through a busy Monday morning or walking in the woods, choose to see the world around you through the eyes of love.
What if we, collectively, simply moved into conscious, patient, compassionate inner space and chose to spend the day there? How much difference might that create in the world? I can think of nothing better.
When we make the choice to seek higher energy, often the Universe will provide opportunities and circumstances to utilize and strengthen those wonderful aspects of the personality. Dance in the light of this new day and prepare to be amazed.
Today my intention is to remember that when I find harmony and balance in my mind, I find it in my life.
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