See the voice of the ego as a teacher

When we walk through our life situations with the core belief that things will work out just as they should, we have greater access to self-confidence, independence, strength and courage. It’s only when we fall prey to the voice of the ego that we begin to doubt ourselves… What if I fail? What if I get hurt? What if I disappoint?

It’s important to recognize the mechanisms of the mind, and at the same time understand that it’s purpose is to provide illusions for us to work through on the Path of Transformation. The ego is not the enemy (that’s just another story made up by the ego in order to make itself important), it’s simply one of the aspects of the human experience.

As you increase in wisdom and self-worth and taste the freedom and expansiveness that is discovered, you’ll begin to view the ego as a teacher – nothing more, nothing less. At that point, we begin to rise above the stories and illusions and walk forward in courage and truth.

True joy begins within. It is not a by-product of physical attainment or emotional fulfillment. By design, all aspects of life are fleeting by and our power lies in staying balanced throughout it all. Seek your own source of inner strength. All paths are unique and sacred and part of our awakening is to discover our own expression of the Divine and allow it to experience the physical plane through us. Know that each conscious act and decision sends waves of love throughout the Universe and as we evolve, we aid the planet’s evolution as a whole.

Today my intention is to teach by example.

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