The transformative power of grace

The awakened person lives in gratitude and joy, content within whatever the present moment offers. This peaceful sense of connectedness comes from inner understanding, unlimited richness and spiritual maturity and is not tied to any desired outcome or reliant upon the decisions of others.

When we become aware that all desire is future based, we discover the true spontaneity of gratitude and see blessings wherever we look. Even in the face of direct opposition or dysfunction, the awakened person is not caught within the trap of someone else’s story. They simply listen with an open heart and respond in the same way – seeing the other’s pain through the filter of compassion.

No matter what has been troubling you or unfolding within your experience, allow grace to infuse the situation. When we approach each moment with a pure heart and sincerity, we open the door for healing, empowerment and liberation to flow throughout our life. Grace is always available for those who are willing to receive it.

Choose to release the struggle and return to the depths of your hearts knowledge. Grace doesn’t mean that valuable lessons disappear, but that we bear witness to the knowledge our soul desired to understand and are then lifted to higher levels and a new vibrational experience. The higher the vibration, the more clearly we can see.

To accept grace, we must be willing to let go of any deep feelings of unworthiness and step into a position of empowerment and personal responsibility. Only then will grace transform your life into an expression of pure love. Surrender creates ease within the flow of life.

Today my intention is to embrace whatever unfolds with an open heart.

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