As you change, the world around you is transformed

No matter what challenges may arise, no matter how frightening things can seem, remember that you are loved and guided throughout your spiritual journey on the Path of Transformation. As you discover your strength, you may notice that this shift in energy evokes strong reactions in others – both supportive and resistant – and this acts as an indication of your awakening.

As you begin to react differently to the events of your life, people notice. Often it may in the form of encouragement, hearing others say, “I can’t believe how well you’re handling this” or asking your advice regarding their own life situations. Yet, in other moments, people of a lower frequency may react in jealousy, fear or anger. These perceived negative responses rise to the surface in order to be healed. You have the choice: engage with them in the drama (thus dropping your own vibration down to match theirs) or allow yourself to shine knowing that your presence is sparking an opportunity for growth.

The more you align your energy with the Divine, the more power your words and actions have. Love, compassion, forgiveness, willingness and joy flow through your authentic approach and you do make a difference.

Lower vibrations do not need to be feared; however, you can certainly choose not to place yourself in toxic situations. Sometimes we have a greater impact simply by remaining conscious, demonstrating detached compassion and providing a space in which a transformation can occur. Every moment has something to teach – it’s up to each of us to utilize whatever arises within our experience as a vital and important weaving of our own soul’s light. Whatever you seek will be found.

Today my intention is to live in the light of consciousness.

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