Release old conditioning

Each of us plays a vital part in the raising of our collective consciousness.

“Anger is one of enlightenment’s many barometers.

Basically, the more you have of one,
the less you have of the other.

Don’t get mad, get smart.”
~The Universe

When we operate with the knowledge that all things work to the highest good for all involved, it opens us to receive wisdom and grace, no matter what the situation.

As we change, the world around us is transformed. The energy of pure potential flows through us into our experience and interpretation of the world. Grace has it’s own momentum. From a space of empowered action, we can bring about a higher state of consciousness.

Observe how often anger arises in your experience, using it as a barometer to check the progression of your spiritual growth. You may discover yourself in situations where anger used to arise and instead find that you are calm, centered and insightful. This is the beautiful evolution of your soul entering new levels of awareness.
Today my intention is to be the change I wish to see in the world.


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