Being peace

Peace is something to be, not something to discover.

“You are awareness. It is nothing you do, it is nothing that has to be done – your very nature is awareness. ”

Many people seek to discover the right teacher, book, meditation or answer that will create peace and enlightenment in their lives; however, peacefulness does not come from adding to your experience. It comes from stripping away all that distracts you from the peacefulness of being.

If you desire peace in your relationships, you must become peace. Rather than fighting against things or people with which you disagree, choose to support causes that bring healing and joy with vibrant authenticity. Seek to be the light that transforms.

What you fight, you strengthen. Every thought, word or action taken in anger actually feeds greater energy into that which you disdain. To create a loving world, we must be love, and like peace, love is not something that we can discover. It is the natural state of our being untouched by ego or desire.
Today my intention is to be awake. I choose to create peace in my own experiences.
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