Trust the processes of your awakening

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is.

“We dread the helplessness of losing control. Yet freedom lies in recognizing the reality that some things are ever beyond our control – and the only option is to make peace with helplessness itself.”
~Ezra Bayda

Excessive planning and attachment to specific outcomes creates a narrow, limited life. The willingness to flow with the energy you have set in motion with faith and trust allows room for miracles to flow through your life.

The ego desires to create a sense of false comfort and security. Notice the fear that can arise when things go awry. There’s no indication of danger, yet the situation differs from what the mind expected; therefore, the ego deems that things are “wrong” or out of control.

As we awaken, it becomes possible to live more authentically. Be present with what is and move into acceptance as quickly as possible in every type of situation. Practice when waiting in line, sitting in traffic or dealing with stressful situations by quieting the mind, observing and being still. This practice allows you to overcome any inner resistance you may have to the present moment. In your stillness, you may receive the gift of grace.
Today my intention is to free myself from limitation by seeing life as expansive rather than constrictive.
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