Nirvana or lasting enlightenment or true spiritual growth can be achieved only through persistent exercise of real love.”
~M. Scott Peck~

All of life is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness; therefore, it’s important to consistently operate from a vibration of authentic love. The echos of it’s light will cast new meaning to all that you see. Ego-driven love wants to control, to possess. Soul-inspired love simply is. It nurtures and supports and accepts.

The dance of awakening is driven by a desire to experience Oneness in a world that presents the illusion of separation in myriad ways. When you gaze upon a sunrise, notice the all-encompassing beauty that is available to everyone whether or not they choose to appreciate it. Unconditional gifts of delight are all around us. When one is able to slow down and pay attention, the heart opens to receive these gifts and love is born.

We are growing together. We are awakening together. Our job is to see, to feel, to be present. Whatever you place your attention upon grows stronger in your experience. Focus on what brings you joy and your smile will enlighten the world.


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