Levels of Consciousness

“World is a multi-dimensional reality. At lower level it is full with unconsciousness and competitiveness. At higher level it is full with beauty, bliss and divinity. Focus on higher dimensions.”
~Amit Ray~
One’s level of consciousness not only determines their interpretation of life, but also how they will choose to respond to it. The lower levels of shame, fear, anger, pride or grief lead to erratic, dysfunctional behavior as well as a limited mindset, and those who vibrate at the lower frequencies tend to be very draining to be around.
The awakening soul must first focus on their own state of consciousness. When you are deeply aligned with courage, willingness, acceptance or love, your expansive vision creates an opportunity to see things from a broader viewpoint. Rather than get dragged downward energetically, we can take ourselves higher and create a mindful experience instead of one that is reactive.
Love and light surround you, always. While it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the midst of life’s chaos, it helps to remember that all beings are working toward enlightenment. The only difference between us is where one resides on that journey. Let compassion open your heart and mind to new possibilities.
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