Love is the Bridge

“Love does not dominate; it cultivates.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Love resides at the core of all things. Even though it can be hard to recognize it in some instances, the choice to seek it is the mark of an advanced soul. As we walk through life observing and learning from the contrasts in every situation, we have an opportunity to bring a completely different outlook to the present moment.

This means that you will often stand alone in your viewpoint. Most people on the planet are young and mature souls, so their perception is naturally limited. No matter, simply be your unique self. Carry a sense of grace with you as you walk your journey. When you feel misunderstood, ask yourself if you have slipped into judgment or if it is a result of seeing beyond the illusion of the physical to the deeper truths that lie within.

Consider those who inspire you and emulate a similar way of being. Your ability to recognize healthy, empowered souls indicates that you are ready to embrace those same qualities in yourself. As awakening souls we are called upon to be emissaries for light and love.

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