The Path of Awakening

“You are eternally yourself.
The rest is only a dream.
That is why they call it awakening.
The path of awakening is different for everyone. For some, intense challenges are required to shake up the status quo and compel them to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Others feel the relentless call of their soul urging them to awaken and spend their lives seeking wisdom, gradually leaving the dream behind.
When the illusion shatters it can be disconcerting; however, there are many signposts along the way. Keep walking forward. Each conscious step adds to the foundation of wisdom, support and freedom that awaits your discovery. Those who are awakened have no need to judge those who are still in the process.
The idea is to be in the world but not of it. Cultivate the art of seeing through the illusion with a loving heart. Honor each path as sacred and most importantly, be gentle with yourself. This playground of discovery is only the first step of an amazing journey toward Oneness. You are much more than the roles you play in this life. Delve into the I Am within, find your grace and see where it leads you.
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