Messages from the Divine

Life is sending you signals. All that you see is a message of love from the Divine.

That’s right! I am loved and guided each and every step of the way

Pay attention to the messages that flow into your life. Everything has meaning and often the answers we seek are right in front of us.

Falcon, for instance, represents higher vision and often appears when we need a reminder to bring a broader viewpoint to our life’s circumstances. It connects us to visionary power, wisdom and guardianship.

When viewed from a higher perspective, challenges become the stepping stones of awakening. Through them we can discover facets of our strength and explore new ways of walking through the world.

Live your passion, take conscious action and bring the best version of yourself to this moment.

Today, my intention is to live my life’s purpose. Everything I need will make itself known at the perfect time in the perfect way.

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