The Celtic Vows of Friendship

The degree to which you experience emotional upset is directly related to how attached you are to a particular outcome.

That’s right! I am not subject to disappointment

Each and every moment of your life is an opportunity to cultivate your inner strength. Our main purpose is to awaken. In order to do that, we must be willing to recognize and release the blockages that we carry.

When you find yourself disappointed by the actions or choices of another, your current life circumstances or your own perceived mistakes, it is simply a subtle reminder that you have temporarily given away your power. The only thing over which we have full control is how we choose to experience the present moment.

No matter what unfolds, you have the ability to transform it into a powerful aspect of your awakening mastery. Remain balanced, even in the face of the unknown, and walk forward with the knowledge that all things work toward your highest good – even those that appear challenging at the onset.

You have limitless potential. How would you begin to discover all the nuances of it if you never had to come up with creative solutions?

Today, my intention is to say “Yes!” to life… even the hard parts

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