Limitless possibility

Each day is a blank canvas… no past, no future, just this moment filled with limitless possibility.

That’s right! I am willing to accept a miracle

Empowerment is the ability to recognize the myriad choices that are available in any given moment. We can accept or reject, love or judge, dissolve into anger or open to new ideas. This is a free will Universe – your thoughts and beliefs create what you choose to experience in every moment.

Knowing this, focus upon what you wish to draw into your realm rather than putting your precious energy into perceived blockages, frustrations or problems. When you seek the gift in any given situation, you will surely discover it. In the process, that willingness opens the door into new areas of experience and allows you to discover unknown facets of your own strength and beauty.

Be at peace within yourself and let your life be your message.

Today, my intention is to embrace whatever the present moment has to offer.

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