Life is a spiritual experience

Experience allows you to discover the nuances of compassion. It expands your perception and provides an opportunity to awaken.

That’s right! Whatever I am guided to do will be a success

How do you define success? Is it tied to a number in your bank account, the achievement of a particular goal or how others see you? For many, the answer is yes; however, life is simply an ebb and flow of experience and the spiritual seeker learns that success on the inner plane is the only true measure of lasting satisfaction.

Maturity comes through experience. By embracing both the highs and the lows of everything life has to offer, we discover a greater depth of being. Happiness, fulfillment, passion, mindfulness and joy create a flow of abundance that can never be taken from you.

Your thoughts dictate your experience. Make room for movement forward in your life by creating a space in which a transformation can occur. Life will rise up to meet you, often in unexpected ways.

Today, my intention is to support myself in a loving, joyous manner. I am willing to accept a miracle.

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