A spark of the Divine

You are a spark of the Divine.

That’s right! I am willing to share my gifts

Life is a dance of new beginnings. It offers us the opportunity to explore through personal experience as a means of learning compassion. Moments of awakening shift our perception and build a momentum of expanding spiritual awareness.

Consider how much you have learned in this lifetime so far. Periodically take the time to assess your own evolution and honor the strength which has been tempered by the challenges you have faced and overcome. Beyond the illusion, deeper than the voice of ego and more expansive than anything you can imagine, lies the infinite source of your true nature.

See yourself as a miracle. Be a loving witness to all that unfolds with the understanding that everything in your life has one purpose – to assist you in your awakening.  Your inner guidance supports you each and every step of the way. When you choose to consciously confront your own shadows, you’ll discover that you emerge strengthened and transformed with a deeper understanding of the Divine.

Today, my intention is to break new ground and begin exciting new ventures.

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