Life supports you

Love rains down upon you from all dimensions.

“Trust is yes. Knowing that this existence is our mother, that nature is our source and it can’t be against us, it can’t be inimical to us. Seeing this, understanding this, trust arises.” 
Everything in your experience plays a significant role in your awakening. When we choose to be open to life, to say yes to life, amazing things begin to happen. Messages appear and we learn to recognize the support that is available to us.

The awakened life is filled with synchronicities. We draw in the people, circumstances and opportunities that spark movement and growth. You are loved and supported each step of the way and the willingness to receive is paramount.

Spiritual practice is about opening to life. Enter into the realm of infinite possibility and expect a little magic in your experience. The ultimate goal is to see everything as a message from the Divine and to recognize that sacredness within yourself.
Today my intention is to remember that all that I seek is already within me.    


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