Open your heart

Look for opportunities to practice love.

“Love is the goal – life is the journey.” 
If you are a healer, send light, compassion and kindness today to someone with whom you disagree. If you are a server, extend a hand in love to someone who frustrates you. If you are a teacher, work more intimately with your most challenging student. Giving love transforms us. Giving love to those with whom we don’t identify or particularly care for transforms the world.

Adversity – especially inner conflict generated by blame, resentment or anger – is a fertile playground for spiritual growth. If there is even one person in the world who triggers you, you have an opportunity to utilize the alchemical forces of love and positive intention.

Basic kindness is the essence of your Being. Choose to open your heart and let your light transform all that you see.
Today my intention is to step into compassionate service.  
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