Life responds to you

Life responds to you. The energy that you project out into the world always flows back, increased by the momentum of your passion; therefore, it’s important to be led by joy. The key is to approach every conscious choice and decision from a place of acceptance and enthusiasm while being unattached to outcomes.

This is where many get bogged down in repetitive patterns. It’s natural to be excited about a new project, not recognizing that the positive feelings are ego generated. That only becomes clear if we experience disappointment when our expectations are not met. Frustration or sadness ensue and the level of each indicates the amount of attachment we had.

When your decisions are led by joy and an authentic sense of wonder and trust, you’ll discover that the journey may lead you into unexplored areas of your development. Being unattached to outcomes allow you to participate fully in the unfoldment of your life without distraction or getting caught up in the web of desire.

Since your experience of the world is a reflection of you, you’ll find yourself simply honoring every path as sacred, dropping all judgment and supporting those around you with an open heart. The ease and which you can do these things directly flows from the ease and grace which fills your life.

Today my intention is to dance the dance of awakening with joy, enthusiasm, passion, acceptance and peace.

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