Spirit Guides

Everyone has a team of spirit guides, healing masters, helpers and angels that assist us from the higher levels. These may be souls who have passed on, ancestors, ascended masters or perhaps your essence twin (if that person isn’t currently incarnated). These loving beings exist outside of time and space and can be helpful in many ways.

Although everyone has these helpers walking beside them in each lifetime, many remain unaware of them. Old souls are more apt to recognize this assistance, call upon it consciously and employ it during the course of their daily walk.

You can contact your higher guidance through meditation and visualization. Often, they will communicate with you through one of the chakras, mental images, a quiet voice, energy that tingles throughout the body or heat flowing through the hands. There are times when these messages can be overwhelming – it’s ok to request a different form of communication or ask that it be less intense. They are learning the most effective way to help you just as much as you are learning how to receive.

The more you communicate with your higher guidance, the more accessible it becomes for you. Like anything, familiarity grows stronger with time and practice. They are ready and willing to help at every moment.

  • Take some time to sit quietly with your eyes closed
  • Focus on deep conscious breaths
  • Ask that only one or a few come forward today
  • Visualize your aura – you may sense a person, animal or loving energy near you
  • If you can see them in your mind’s eye, notice the dress or appearance. If you’re not a visual person, notice if there’s a change within your energy or if you feel a specific sensation somewhere on the body
  • Ask them what type of assistance they are capable of giving
  • Always thank them for walking by your side

During the course of your lifetime, you may experience love and assistance from myriad sources in many different ways. I have a few guides of whom I’ve been aware from the beginning of my spiritual journey and others that have appeared temporarily as I incorporated higher knowledge or expanded my spiritual work in new directions. A dear friend who passed away 12 years ago now works with me during all of my healing sessions, and many of you have expressed feeling the sensation of a second set of hands at your feet.

Know that you are loved and supported in infinite ways every step of the way. Even if you haven’t reached a place of conscious awareness, this assistance is there for you. Call upon it, welcome new friends and seek understanding with an open heart.

Today my intention is to celebrate all the aspects of my awakening – both seen and unseen – and accept the assistance which is so lovingly given.

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