Thoughts become things

For the past several days my guides have awakened me at 3:33 to write. In the dark morning hours, it’s a delight to take my gratitude walk while listening to the songs of crickets in the moonlight. The number 3 represents flow and harmony and the repetition indicates that I’m entering a phase where life will simply seem to say “Yes!” to the energy I’m sending out.

It’s important to be conscious of our thoughts, words and actions. Each creates a powerful momentum which will be experienced in the world of form and it’s helpful to ensure that all are in alignment with one another. For instance, choosing to apply for a job and then immediately saying to yourself, “…I probably won’t get it anyway…” negates the action. Dieting while hating your body is another example of contradictory energy, as is tying to solve relationship problems by telling the story of how you were wronged again and again to all who will listen.

When all aspects of the personality act consciously together in harmony, it can be surprising how powerfully and how quickly things can move. Take the time to be mindful of your thoughts and allow your actions to be led by joy.

Enthusiasm and the appreciation of beauty inspires that energy to expand and grow in our lives. Your perception of the world is a reflection of what is happening on the inner, and we can choose an empowered interpretation of the events, lessons and interactions we experience.

Today my intention is to remember that all things are possible.

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