Life is responding to you

Everything you experience is a reflection of your state of consciousness.

“The whole of existence is full of rejoicing; you just need to open your windows. Your darkness is your own creation, your alienation is your own creation… [The universe] is immensely intelligent, conscious, sensitive. It is divine in its every dimension. But you have to learn to participate in the dance.”  

The ego will often react when the concept of self-created malady is expressed. It wants to be a victim, blame others or fate or god; however, the deeper truth is one of freedom. Once we understand that all of life is a reflection of our beliefs, we can begin to take personal responsibility for our own experience and step into empowerment.

All change must begin within. Self-awareness sets the stage for the possibility of transformation. And while the ego may seek to sabotage by replaying old scripts and stories, our creative potential simultaneously seeks to be expressed. Make your spiritual practice one of bringing awareness to your thoughts and the energy you send out into the world.

If can often be challenging to see ourselves clearly. Look to the repetitive things in your experience to gain greater insight to the working of the subconscious. As you change, the world around you will be transformed. The more conscious you are, the more possibilities you will be able to see.

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