When we immerse ourselves in the present moment with all that we have, the ego-driven self disappears and, in our presence, we experience the Now fully.

“If you live totally, intensely, then you are free, you have lived the moment and it is finished. You don’t look back and you don’t look ahead, you simply remain here now.”  

During the intense moments of life such as dealing with the threat of imminent death, getting caught up in the passionate expression of art, falling deeply in love or experiencing a burst of energy that breaks you free from outmoded ways of living, we briefly become free of the ego. All our energy is focused on one thing: the present moment… and this focus becomes a flame that burns away false personality.

Spiritual practice cannot be lukewarm. In order to create distance between the mundane and the sacred, we must be willing to immerse ourselves in whatever is prompting an awaking of the soul.

Give with totality, hold nothing back. Honor the sacredness of your life by being fully present. This is the liberating beauty of a sunset that temporarily holds you in awe, the power of music that commands you to stop, listen and feel, the art that captivates. Notice these moments when they arrive. Observe what awakens within you.

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