Everything plays a role in your awakening

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

“The root cause of most difficulties in relationships is the fact that we want something from another. We imagine that we need the other person to be a certain way. Why? Perhaps so that we ourselves will then feel a certain way – safe, supported, appreciated, happy. When we don’t get what we want, when other people don’t act the way we wish they would, relationship difficulties begin. We then view these difficulties as impediments to happiness, even obstacles on our spiritual path. But these difficulties – especially in relationships – are themselves our path. While we might prefer that a person be a particular way, it is our misguided requirement that they be this way that stops real love from flowing. By giving up our requirements of others, we open to the love that already connects us.”  
~Ezra Bayda~


Those who grace your life have agreed to play a specific role in your soul’s development. When we are ready to learn something new, heal old wounds or measure our progress on the path of awakening, we send out a request on the level of spirit.

Typically, it is the members of your soul group that will respond to this request. Synchronicities unfold while the layers of energy that connect you are activated. This is the magic of our human experience – everything plays its role in your awakening.

Often there are layers of old energy or beliefs that we unconsciously carry. Challenges in relationships tend to bring them to the surface. Pay attention to moments when you are shut down out of fear. Utilize them as opportunities to bring yourself present, quiet the mind, take conscious action or shift your perception. This is the moment of transformation. Those who assist you in this work are your healing angels.


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