Integration and wholeness

Acceptance of the dualities of life brings about the integration of apparent opposites. Night doesn’t oppose day, dark doesn’t suppress the light; rather, they work together to create a balance of contrast that represents wholeness.

Seek to integrate the various aspects of your personality. Like the myriad facets of a beautiful diamond, your energy shimmers with power which reflects the light of the Divine. The mystical union of opposites of what George Gurdieff used to call “the crystallization of being” – integration that leads to balance, understanding and joy.

You are so much more than the sum of your experiences and beliefs. Beyond the physical, radiant layers of energy emanate from you sending waves of love and information throughout the Universe. None of us walks this journey alone and what helps one, helps all. What harms one, harms all and each of us is responsible for our own joy.

Compassion is the natural response when we reach a space of higher consciousness. We seek to heal, to release judgment, to share our gifts and relax into our deepest truth. You can choose to live beyond the illusion and reside here as a loving witness.

Whatever the present moment brings is what is needed for our spiritual walk, and if we allow it, our raising awareness. Part of my daily practice of writing the Wow Moments! entails waking in the night, looking for inspiration, playing with Kizmet and Minky, enjoying the meditative energy of my sacred space… all these nuances are equally important and help me to tap into my truth in my own unique way. Doggy playtime is no less sacred than meditation. If I perceived the puppies as a distraction or an obstacle to my work, then I’d create a far different energy and reality for myself. Embracing what is – opposites, unexpected happenings, joys and sorrow – allows the integration of the spirit.

Today my intention is to be gentle with myself. I choose to allow joy and love to dissolve any boundaries that keep me from experiencing wholeness.

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