The spiral of spiritual awakening

You soul’s purpose will call to you many times throughout your life. As you progress on the Path of Transformation, your heart will direct you to the circumstances, people and situations that will life you up to your highest potential.

For the last two nights, an owl has spoken to me in the moonlight. To many, Owl represents higher wisdom, the mystery of magic and vision and portends a time of seeing clearly into oneself and others. She seems to enjoy keeping me company in the quiet hours of the morning as I write.

Embrace your unique way of being in the world. Release the expectations and beliefs which no longer serve you. Perhaps they were passed down through family or culture or accepted at an early age; however, it’s time to trust the wisdom of your heart and honor the changes that have the ability to set you free.

Spiritual awakening can be visualized as a spiral of energy. Starting slowly, we begin with the lessons and challenges which seem lengthy to process through. As you raise your frequency, these shifts come faster and faster as you assimilate new energy and move to the next phase.

Awakening is never an outside search, through that’s where it begins for many. Rather, it is an exploration of the heart’s knowledge that is accessible once we release the layers that distract us from hearing its song.

All the experiences, knowledge, perceived mistakes, wisdom and adventures of your past have had one purpose – to bring you awareness of your ability to love. New patterns are waiting to be expressed through you and on this new level, you may come to realize the perfection of your life’s journey.

Today my intention is to step into mastery. I trust the process of my awakening and release all that no longer serves me.

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