Be quiet, and loving and fearless…

Be quiet, and loving and fearless… ~ Buddha

Quietness without love is simply non-participation. Stillness can be a celebration, a silence that sees all and bears loving witness. But love is only possible when we are fearless – fear and love vibrate on opposite ends of the spectrum. Love empowers while fear weakens.

We often look to our relationships to heal our anxiety. Even as we understanding that happiness comes from within, that doesn’t stop us from hoping others will do it. We think that we need to be loved, but what the soul truly desires is to love.

The purity and beauty of your soul never fades, dear one, though sometimes you may not realize your divinity out of fear that you are not enough in some way. Recognize the divine energy within you – it is time to be present and honor that path which has brought you here now.

All of us come from the same source of love. We are just in various stages of discover and awakening. Be willing to receive the love, light and laughter of the Universe. You can choose to create a peaceful and joyful path – you deserve the grace which is available for you now.

Today my intention is to ascent to a new way of being. There are always new levels of love to explore.

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