Healing angels

Those who challenge you the most on the physical plane, love you the most on the spiritual plane
That’s Right! All things work toward my highest good. Everyone is my teacher
The only way to cultivate a new skill is to practice it. When you wish to be more patient, someone will come in and provide ample opportunities for patience to be learned. If you wish to become more loving, someone who is hard to love may enter your life. Should you wish to conquer fear, situations will arise that enable you to face your fears in order to overcome them.
Spiritual practice is a slow progression of awakenings that occur as we develop greater awareness of our own strengths and abilities. Circumstances will repeat until they are no longer needed… until one day a familiar situation arises. You notice how differently you respond, how quickly you create movement, healing or balance and only then does the full realization hit – this moment is only possible because of the challenges you have overcome.
Recognize the teachers who have provided you the opportunity to shine. Bless those who have challenged you, for they are healing angels who were willing to play a particular role (perhaps with the very real outcome of temporarily losing your love on the physical plane) in order to aid you in your spiritual transformation. What a gift!
Today my intention is bless those who have helped me become the woman I am today. I am grateful for every moment that has led me here.
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