Purposeful kindness

The dance of kindness is eternal
That’s Right! I can choose to be the change I wish to see in the world
It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of everyday life. There’s always one more bill to pay, another role to play, challenges to overcome and dreams to fulfill.
In the midst of all this, we can take a moment to slow down and purposefully share kindness with another. The waves of energy that emit from authentic, empowered, conscious choices flow outward, only to return in unexpected and wonderful ways.
 The human condition causes people to withdraw as a form of protection. The decision to expand helps to alleviate fear. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, take risks and get out of our comfort zones, we create a space in which a transformation can occur.
Many people live lost in the dark. Those who are awakened have the ability (and responsibility) to share the light of consciousness. The smallest act can have the greatest impact.
Today my intention is project the aura of kindness and compassion.
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